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Revision Policy

We do our best to satisfy each customer who chooses our service at the best level by providing them with high-quality reference materials. However, sometimes the papers completed by our writers may need some changes or modifications required by the customers. For this purpose, we offer an unlimited number of revisions, which are free of charge during a certain period of time. According to our Revision Policy, the main terms are as follows:

Revision Instructions: The revision comments submitted by the customers should not contain any instructions, which contradict the original ones. Orders with altered revision instructions shall be charged accordingly. Therefore, if the Customer wants the writer to consider the altered instructions for the order revision, he/she will be requested to proceed with an additional payment, which can be from 50% up to75% of the initial order price, depending on the new instructions complexity.

Revision Request Process: When forwarding the revision comments/guidelines to our email address, please put the order number into the subject line of the email to make it easier for our Support Team Managers to relate them to your order.

Revision Timeframe: Free unlimited revisions offered by our company are available only for a certain period of time. It is required to raise the revision issues within 10 days after the completed order has been delivered to the Customer’s email.

It is important to know that the minimum revision deadline is 3 hours. In some cases the writer’s deadline can be extended (i.e. cases, when there is still time left before the initial order deadline expires). The customers will be additionally informed about such extensions. If you place an order with a 3- or 8- hour delivery, it will take minimum 2 hours for it to be revised.

In case you choose progressive delivery service or the number of pages of your order exceeds 30, you will be offered an extended revision deadline of 20 days.

Changing the Writer: You have a right to request assigning your order to another writer in the cases where there were at least 3 order revisions completed by him/her, and you are still not satisfied with the quality of the paper. Prior to the writer changing request it is necessary to provide valid reasons and detailed comments proving the previous writer’s failure to complete the assignment in accordance with the initial requirements.

Money Back: Please note that requesting a refund for the order requires at least 2 revisions to be done in case you chose standard delivery (24-hour to 30-day deadline). For urgent orders with a 3- or 8- hour deadline at least 1 revision is required. Each case will be resolved on a case-by-case basis. Please be sure to provide convincing reasons for the dispute.

Don’t hesitate to contact us via email, phone or live chat. Our Customer Support Team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about your order or our service in general.