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Money back option is available

As a company with an established reputation in the academic writing market, we enjoy a high rate of customer satisfaction, which reaches 95%.We do everything possible to satisfy your needs and requirements at the best possible level. However, there might occur some cases/conditions when the Customer decides to request a refund for the order placed with us. According to our Money Back Guarantee each Customer is eligible to request a refund due to various reasons at any stage of the order process.

After you order status has been changed to “Dispute”, our Dispute Department will carefully review the case and come up with the best decision that will satisfy both Parties.  Refund requests are usually processed within 5-7 business days, but this period may vary due to difficulties of keeping in touch with customers in different time zones, technical problems and other reasons that can prevent us from promptly resolving of dispute cases. We kindly recommend you to stay in contact with our managers to ensure timely communication between you and our Dispute Department.

The following terms apply to this guarantee:

I want to cancel my order” – if the Customer decides to cancel the order before we have assigned a writer to work on it, a full refund that equals 100% of the order price will be issued in this case. If a writer has been assigned and started working on the order, but less than half of the period has already passed, you are eligible to claim 70% of the initial order price. If more than half of the period has passed you will be refunded only 40% or less, depending on how much time is still left till the final deadline expires.  As a writer has been assigned and has completed some part of the assignment we are obliged to provide him/her with a compensation for the work performed. If you decide to cancel the order but the paper was completed before the deadline and delivered to you, you are not eligible for a refund. 

A full refund cannot be issued if the paper was delivered within the deadline you initially selected, unless it was requested due to the paper quality issues.

“I paid for the order twice – if you notice that you have paid for the order twice (you will be informed about it by a payment system, PayPal or other), or accidentally placed 2 orders which are the same (duplicate orders), please immediately contact our Customer Support Team to resolve this issue and get the refund for an unnecessary order. The order amount will be refunded shortly.

“No writer was found for my order” – Though we do everything possible to assign the most qualified writer to work on your order, sometimes the complexity of an assignment makes it difficult or even impossible.  Though such inconveniences are rare, in case they do occur, you will be immediately informed about this and issued a 100% refund for the order due to our failure to complete it.  Besides that, you will be provided with a discount for your next order with us.

A partial refund is guaranteed if no writer was found to complete a revision for your paper in case you requested to reassign the current writer. Such cases are settled by our Dispute Department on an individual basis.

“The revision was delivered to me late” – Since revision deadlines are fixed separately for each order, recalculation of price or refunds for late delivery are not applicable in such cases.

A dispute can be opened if our writer was late with the revision for 30 minutes or more. Please be aware that once you open a dispute, no further revisions for the order can be requested. The Dispute Department manager will review each case and offer a proper refund amount, which, will not be more than 15% of the initial order price.

To avoid misunderstandings, be sure to set a correct deadline for your order that would match the due date of the paper submission, in such a way that we will have enough time for the possible revisions of the paper.

“The order was delivered to me late” – If the order delay is caused by untimely uploading of any additional materials or order instructions required for the successful fulfillment of the task, the customer is not eligible for any refund. Since it is not possible for the writer to start working on the order until the complete set of materials is provided for the order, we do not bear any responsibility for such cases of delay.

To avoid any misunderstandings please make sure to upload all the additional materials required for the order upon completing the order form. 

If, for any reason your order was delivered to you after the initial deadline has expired, you have a right to demand the order price to be recalculated accordingly (i.e. if the writer was 15 minutes late with an 8-hour delivery, the price will be adjusted to correspond to an 24-hour deadline, and you will be refunded the price difference for the deadline changing). For orders with standard deadlines, such as 7 days and more, you will be issued only 10% of the original order price.

In exceptional cases you can be asked to provide the writer with a deadline extension due to the complexity of the order, if it requires thorough research within a limited time frame. If you agree to provide us with the deadline extension, no refund for lateness can be claimed by you thereafter.

“I am dissatisfied with the paper quality” – a refund is available in the following cases:

- The preview version of the order has been received by you in PDF format, but hasn’t been approved. In this case you may request an unlimited number of free revisions or open a dispute to resolve the issue. In this case you are eligible for a full refund for the order.

However, it is important for us to avoid any fraudulent activity, so the paper will be thoroughly checked for plagiarism, meeting the original requirements for the order and other characteristics by our managers. Please be sure to provide convincing reasons for your dissatisfaction so that our Dispute Department could successfully resolve the case.

-The final version of the order has been received by you in .doc format and approved. Your approval of the paper means that the completed paper certainly meets your demands. A full refund issuance cannot be requested in this case, but you can still apply for a partial refund of 30% of the total price of the order.

“I received my order in time but still want to be refunded” – If we haven’t received any information from you regarding approval/rejection of the preview version of the order within 10 days, it will be considered approved and will not be subject to a refund as well as any modifications or revisions. A dispute can be opened within 10 days after the first version of the assignment has been delivered to you.

“Plagiarism was detected in the paper upon submittal” – Before the completed order is sent to the customer, it is thoroughly checked through a special plagiarism-detecting software, that was individually developed for our company, however, the most accurate results are shown by If you have any claims regarding any traces of plagiarism in your paper, you will be required to submit a plagiarism report either provided by a corresponding educational establishment or generated by Please note that reports generated by other systems will not be considered valid by our company. ATTENTION! Please note that shows a very high percentage of content similarity if a paper is checked through the system more than once!

In case a customer decides to request a refund as a result of plagiarism, the order status will be changed to “Dispute”.

“I want to be refunded for additional order features” – You are not eligible for any refund for such additional features as writer’s category, editor’s service, writer’s sample, summary page, etc. The only possible refund is one for writer’s category in case the writer has not been assigned to your order by the moment the claim is made.

The refund requests are accepted within 10 days after the completed paper has been delivered to the Customer; the requests provided after this period will not be processed.